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23 Sep 2020

Recent press reports about the disclosure of confidential information from a FATF member’s Financial Intelligence Unit have put a spotlight on the crime of money laundering. 

14 Sep 2020

The FATF has identified red flag indicators to help detect whether virtual assets are being used for criminal activity. These indicators are based on more than 100 case studies collected by members of the FATF Global Network.

31 Jul 2020

The FATF held a webinar on Covid-19 and the Changing Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Risk Landscape on 30 July, and a webinar on The Impact of COVID-19 on the Detection of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing, on 31 July. Watch the recordings of these webinars. 


28 Jul 2020

The FATF organised a webinar on 27 July to discuss the main money laundering trends linked to the illegal wildlife trade. Watch the recording of this webinar.